Volvo Enthusiasts of southern MA, RI and eastern CT

Most of all communication has been moved to Facebook:
If you are interested in Volvo's (new or old) we are trying to get some people together on Cape Cod using Facebook as a communication tool. see below how to join (for free). Facebook is a social networking site
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Use your common sense about what you do and do not want to expose on the site, just like any other information you submit about you to any other site on the internet.

1. Step 1: (Free) Facebook account, If you do not have an account go to and set up an account, or use your existing account.
2. Step 2: Once you have an account, type in the search box on the top right “Volvo Club of America Cape Cod members and sympathizers”
3. Step 3: Once You arrive at the page, select : join this group
4. Step 4: You will be able to post messages and events that you think that are appropriate for other members
5. Step 5: If you know about any other Volvo enthusiasts in this area (Cape Cod), please invite them as membership of VCOA is not required to join this Facebook group .
Please feel free to contact us for more info at

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Attention: This site is not related with Volvo Cars or the Volvo Group